DSA * 2nd Grade December 2018 News

Dear Families:

November was a very busy month!  We had a memorable Veterans Day Program, followed by the wonderful Thanksgiving Feast, and culminating with our Fun Free Friday!

Thank you families for your kindness and contributions to our school and class!  We are continuing to collect food and gift items during this month of December.  Your generosity will bring holiday cheer and happiness to many!

The Holiday Gift Shop is open daily.  Your child may do gift shopping before 8:15 a.m., and also during lunch and recess breaks.  There’s a wide selection of items and the prices are very reasonable.  All the proceeds benefit our annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta.  You may come shop too and bring along friends and family!

The December Reading Log will be sent home on December 3, and must be returned on Monday, January 7, 2019.

Your child will be bringing home the completed Science – Weather Unit folder on Tuesday, December 4.  Please review it with your child.

Please make a note of the December important dates:

Wednesdays   12/5 and 12/19:   Dress Down Days – Pay $1.00

Week of 12/10 – 12/14:   Dibels and Dora/Adam Testing week–No spelling homework will be assigned

Thur.  12/20:  Holiday Class Party – students will bring a food specialty dish to share with friends.  I will provide more details as we approach this day

Fri. 12/21:  Mrs. Stubbs’ Drama Club/School wide Christmas Program at 10:30 a.m.  You’re invited to this special presentation!  This is also a Noon Dismissal Day

12/24/18 to 1/6/19:   Winter Break

Mon. 1/7/19:   Classes Resume







DSA/Second Grade: November 2018 Newsletter

Dear Families:

We’re ending this month of October with Spirit Week and beginning November with our annual Fall Festival!  Please plan to attend and enjoy the fun activities with your child beginning at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, November 2.

Thank you everyone for attending the Parent/Teacher Conference.  It was very nice to meet and discuss your child’s progress and learn a little bit more about home life from you.

Our Bake Sale was a major success!  Donations were awesome and tasty!  The students were the best in customer service.  A lot was learned about running a business!  We earned $140.00 and we have decided to donate the money to PTO to use to purchase items for the Holiday Gift Boxes.  Thank you for your support, we could not have done so well without it!

The Economics Unit ends this week with more learning about how things are made and the importance of banks.  Your child will be bringing home their Economics Unit folder home next Monday, November 5.  Please review it with your child.

Beginning November 5 we will begin a new Science Unit about Weather.  It’s a great time to do so because it sure begins to get cooler in Tucson.  A student will be assigned as Weather Reporter daily.  A form about the next day’s weather will be sent home and your child has to fill in the correct information and return to class to present it the next morning.  The information may be collected from the weather news television report, newspaper, from a weather channel, your phone weather app, including the internet.  Please help your child to get this form completed, this assignment is part of the final grade.

AZ FIND is a component of the Individual’s with Disabilities Education Act.  If you, or someone you know has a child with a disability and needs information please visit:  http://www.azed.gov/special-education/az-find, or call our school for more information at (520) 321-1709.  Services are provided for children from birth through 21.

November Book It Reading logs will be due on Friday, November 30, 2018.  Your child will receive a Personal Pan Pizza coupon from Pizza Hut.  Reading daily for 20 minutes or more is part of the daily homework too!

I purchased a Tie-Dye Kit and white t-shirts for each student.  We will be designing our t-shirts red, white, and blue to wear for our Veterans Day program.  Students may also wear it every Friday.

Lunch Order forms for November are due on Wednesday, October 31.

Please make a note of the important November dates:

10/29 to 11/2:  Spirit Week and Friday is Fall Festival

Fri. 11/2:  October Book It Reading Logs are due

Wed. 11/7:  Dress Down Day-Pay $1.00

Fri. 11/9:  Veterans Day Program – we will honor active and retired Military Members for their service.  Please plan to attend, it’s a school wide program.  Noon Dismissal Day

Mon. 11/12:  Veterans Day – No School

Wed. 11/21:  Dress Down Day – Pay $1.00 and Noon Dismissal Day

Thu. 11/22 and Fri. 11/23:  Thanksgiving Break – No School

Fri. 11/30:  Fun Free Friday, and November Reading Logs are due

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”        ***** John Quincy Adams, U.S. President

2nd Grade: October 2018 Newsletter

Dear Families:

The class had a very active, fun, and memorable Fun Free Friday in the playroom!  The playroom has many areas that are for every active participant.  There’s the blocks, kitchen, writing, science area, and so much more!!!!  I was very proud to see everyone engage and enjoy each other’s company while playing!  The next Fun Free Friday falls on our annual Fall Festival, November 2nd.  We are looking forward to that!

Parent/Teacher Conference Week is scheduled right after our Fall Break.  Please visit the classroom this week to sign-up.  I am able to meet with you at your convenience, my hours are flexible, (AM/PM).  First Quarter Report Cards will be issued during the conference meeting.

Your child will be bringing home their Space Unit Science folder.  Please review it with your child.  There was so much interest and learning with this unit, and I’m sure your children will be happy to show you his/her work and what they learned.

For the first week of October the history lessons will be about Christopher Columbus and other explorers.  After the Fall Break the class will be introduced to a new unit about Economics; earning and spending, banking, agriculture, and so much more.  If you have a business background or own your own business and would like to be a guest speaker, please let me know!  We will also hold a Bake Sale on the week of October 22.  The class will decide who to donate the money earned.

Show and Tell begins on Monday, 10/1/18.  The Student of the Day may bring one thing only to show and share with classmates.  It may be a toy, book, photo, or anything that’s meaningful to them as long as you give him/her permission to bring it.

Handwriting Workbook lessons will begin after our Fall Break.  This workbook will show your child techniques and skills involved in handwriting such as:  posture, eye–hand coordination, pencil grasp, and letter formation.

Box Tops collection continues!  There is a Pizza Party for the class with the most collections!  Let’s start bringing them in and we can have a Movie and Pizza Day!

October Reading Logs will be sent home on Monday, October 1.  Pizza Hut sponsors this wonderful reading program.  After your child returns the October reading log, he/she will earn a Personal Pan Pizza coupon from Pizza Hut!  Reading logs for October are due on the last day of the month, 10/31/18.

I want to thank all of you for making sure your children do their homework, arrive to school on time, and come to school ready to learn.  I thank you and encourage you to always read my monthly newsletter and your child’s weekly homework schedule to be well informed of our classroom and school wide events and activities.

Please make a note of the October important dates:

Mon.  10/1-   Pizza Hut/Book It: October Reading logs are sent home

Wed.  10/3 and 10/24-   Dress Down Day – Pay $1.00

Thur.  10/4-   Picture Day/In school uniform, and Hearing/Vision re-screening

Fri.  10/5-   Noon Dismissal

Week of 10/8 to 10/12-  Fall Break/No School

Week of 10/15 to 10/19-   Parent/Teacher Conference Week and 1:45 PM Dismissal

Week of 10/22 to 10/26-  Class will hold a two-day Bake Sale

Week of 10/29 to 11/2-  Spirit Week and Fall Festival, information will be provided during Parent/Teacher conferences

Chinese Proverb:  “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

2nd Grade: September 2018 Newsletter

Dear Families:

We’re off to a great start!  We have completed the first half of this quarter and the students are now acclimated with the classroom curriculum and routines.

Thank you for visiting during our Open House!  It was wonderful to see all of you.

This past Friday the class enjoyed their first Fun Free Friday!  Everyone enjoyed this day with ice-cream, well earned gifts from our Treasure Box, and a full morning of play time!  The class is now looking forward for the next one.  To earn it students must be responsible with their homework, respectful at all times, follow all the rules, and most importantly be prepared and ready to learn.

In Social Studies the students have completed the Map and Globe unit and they will be bringing their folders home.  Please review it with your child.  In September we will begin a new Science unit about Space.

Most of the students returned their August Reading Logs.  Please remind your child that reading daily is part of the reading grade.  My first language was Spanish and as a child I was an avid reader.  It has always been beneficial to me because being a reader has helped me to write better, communicate better, and have better reading comprehension skills.  I will continue to bring the class to our school library on Wednesdays and they may borrow books.  Please encourage your child to read daily and to keep their reading logs current!

Mrs. Kallatsa, our first grade teacher, is being very gracious to place and handle all the Scholastic Book orders for the lower grades.  On Wednesday your child will bring home a new book order form with the online code and due date.  This is another way to encourage your child to read, book ownership is the best way!

Please collect Box Tops and send them in!  All the proceeds benefit our school and students!

Please make a note of the important September dates:

Mon./3-   No School-Labor Day

Tue./4-   Dora/Adam testing will be completed and Progress Reports will be sent home.  Please keep the one stamped, “COPY,” and and sign and return the original in the manila envelope.  Please contact me if you have any questions

Weds./5 and 19-   Dress Down Days-Pay $1.00

Fri./28-   Fun Free Friday and September reading logs are due

Thank you Parents for all your support with donating much needed school items, and for encouraging and monitoring your child’s daily work and progress.

I never cut class, I loved getting A’s.  I liked being smart.  I liked being on time.  I thought being smart is cooler than anything in the world.”                                                                          –Michelle Obama, American First Lady







Hello Families:

My name is Mrs. Castro and I would like to welcome you to the wonderful and exciting world of Second Grade!

On Wednesday, 8/1/18, your child will bring you a packet titled, “Welcome to Second Grade.”  It will provide you with a brief overview of our Saxon Math curriculum and also of the assessments tools we use during the year.  It also informs you of additional policies and procedures that pertain to our daily routines.  Please feel free to visit me before or after school if you have any questions.  You may also call the school, (520) 321-1709 and I promise to return your call as soon as possible.

This year we are requesting for parents to pick-up their child in the classrooms.  This is for the safety of the younger students, (K-2nd).  Classes are dismissed at 2:45 PM Monday to Thursday, and on Fridays only at 1:45 PM.  Thank you for helping to keep all our younger children safe!

We are in dire need of PTO Officers!  Please visit the school office for additional information.  The school PTO is very instrumental in ordering/serving the daily school lunches, collecting Box Tops, and organizing the general fundraisers during the year.  We need a PTO committee to begin these very much needed activities.

Please apply sunscreen on your child before school.  The weather is still very hot and sunny so water bottles are highly recommended too.  Each student must bring a morning snack and a lunch.  Please keep in mind that we do not have any food heating facilities.

Math and Spelling homework will be assigned beginning next week.  This year I will assign the spelling words from the Reading Street lessons.  This reading program supports reading, writing, language development, including daily practice and review.  In no time your child will develop strong foundational skills for reading  more complex text.  The Wordly Wise vocabulary workbooks/lessons will be completed in class only.

Your child will be bringing a homework outline every Monday.  It will outline the Math and Spelling homework for the week.  Please ask your child about it every Monday.  Homework is assigned for Monday to Thursday.  The Math homework has to be returned to class the following school day, and the Spelling homework notebook is always returned on Friday.

Reading Logs for August will be sent home next Monday.  Your child must read daily for 20 minutes.

Please make a note of the very important August 2018 dates:

Thur.   8/23:   Hearing and Vision  – Volunteers are needed

Thur.  8/23:   3-6 pm OPEN HOUSE – Please come visit our classroom!

Fri.  8/31:   Noon Dismissal – Grading Day

Let’s work together to make this a fantastic year!

Your Second Grade Teacher,

Mrs. Castro


2nd Grade Classroom Supplies 2018-2019


The following school supplies will remain in class during the year:

  • 4 Sharpened pencils
  • Erasers
  • Pencil box
  • Box of crayons
  • Box of washable markers
  • Pencil crayons
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • 1 Spiral notebook for  class journal
  • 2 composition notebooks – homework notebooks
  • 2 Two-pocket folders  –  Plastic folders last longer


We welcome and appreciate  the following supplies for our classroom community to use throughout the 2018-19 school year.

  • Packs  of sharpened pencils
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Bottle of hand sanitizer
  • 2 Tissue boxes
  • 1 bag of Zip-lock baggies – sandwich size


Students will also need to have supplies at home to complete homework assignments.  You may use and recycle your gently used crayons, ruler, pencils, markers, glue, and scissors from last year!  Recycling is a good way to help our environment!

Enjoy these wonderful summer days, and we will be meeting and greeting each other in about two weeks!       MRS. CASTRO

2nd Grade News and homework from May 14 – 25, 2018

Dear Families:

I want to express my heart felt thanks to you and your children for the lovely gifts and very special teacher cards!  I feel very valued and appreciated.  My living room is now my favorite room because of all the lovely flowers!

This will be the last newsletter posting for the school year.  I want to thank you for helping your child to be responsible.  I want to also thank you for always being supportive of our class/school wide events and activities.  I have been privileged to have been your child’s teacher this year.  I have seen so much growth from each one.  I know that they understand that we never want to know everything there is to know so that they will always be lifelong learners!  (Even after college!)

Between this and next week, your child will be completing the Dora/Adam and Dibels testing.  The students will be reviewing Math and Reading lessons in between their test schedule.  They will also continue with the May timeline and cursive writing.

Homework will be reading for 20 minutes daily and completing a reading assignment packet.  This packet needs to be returned to class on Friday to review it.

There will be no homework assigned for next week.

The events for the end of May are:

Fri/May 18-   Return the reading assignment packet, Raffle tickets are due, and Noon Dismissal

Wed/May 23-   Dress Down Day/Pay $1.00

Thu/May 24-  Awards Day followed by the end of the year Class Party-  Memo will be sent home next Monday with more details about the Class Party, Report Cards will be sent home

Fri/May 25-  Yearbook signing and Noon Dismissal

Enjoy the summer and stay active, travel, read a lot, and be creative and crafty!

“EVERY END IS A NEW BEGINNING”     From Awesome Quotes